Welcome to DEcode!

The goal of this project is to enable you to utilize genomic big data in identifying regulatory mechanisms for differential expression (DE).

DEcode predicts inter-tissue variations and inter-person variations in gene expression levels from TF-promoter interactions, RNABP-mRNA interactions, and miRNA-mRNA interactions.

You can read more about this method in this paper where we conducted a series of evaluation and applications by predicting transcript usage, drivers of aging DE, gene coexpression relationships on a genome-wide scale, and frequent DE in diverse conditions.

Quick start

This tutorial shows you a way to run DEcode on Google Colab that provides you free access to a ready-to-use machine learning environment with a high-end GPU.

  1. Go to Google Colab and sign in to your Google account.
  2. Open Jupyter notebook.
    • Menu -> File -> Open notebook -> GITHUB tab
    • Search https://github.com/stasaki/DEcode
    • Select Run_DEcode.ipynb
  3. Run each block of code.


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